Digital Empowerment of Jinda Massage Clinic Through Website and Booking System Enhancement


We partnered with Jinda Massage Clinic to elevate their business by designing a new website and integrating a sophisticated online booking system, significantly boosting their bookings and professional image.

Enhancing Website Accessibility and Professionalism

To address the need for Jinda Massage Clinic to stand out as a reputable provider of authentic massage services, we developed a modern, user-friendly website. The inclusion of the RA Booking System streamlined the appointment process, synchronizing seamlessly with the individual Google Calendars of the masseuses. This integration not only facilitated a smoother operational flow but also assured clients of their appointment details through automatic confirmation emails, enhancing communication transparency.

Visual and Functional Impact

The new website and booking system have been visually captured to showcase the interface’s ease of use and the seamless transition between languages. The images accompanying the case study highlight the intuitive design of the booking system and the elegantly integrated language switcher, demonstrating our commitment to creating a welcoming and professional online environment for all clients.


Digital Transformation Results

The digital transformation of Jinda Massage Clinic in early January not only improved their operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced their credibility within the wellness industry. This strategic update coincided with the launch of their new website, leading to a substantial increase in client engagement. While January and February showed a progressive rise in bookings, the average monthly bookings from March to June soared to 76, representing almost a fourfold (4X) increase from the previous year’s average. This growth is particularly noteworthy among women and international tourists, who value professionalism and ease of access in service appointments.

Post-Launch Results vs Last Year

The chart illustrates bookings by month

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