Digital Advancement of Pons Helse

Pons Helse

Pons Helse, a health clinic in Slemmestad, Norway, sought to improove its online presence and service delivery to meet the evolving needs of its patients. By partnering with Reach Amplified, Pons Helse aimed to enhance user experience, streamline appointments, and introduce a subscription service with exclusive benefits. This case study explores the strategies and implementations that led to a significant boost in online engagement and overall clinic efficiency.


The Background and Objectives

Pons Helse, a comprehensive health clinic located in Slemmestad, Norway, offers a wide range of medical and wellness services. The clinic initially faced challenges in streamlining online appointments and effectively showcasing their diverse services. Additionally, their website lacked a personal and modern touch, which the owner wanted to address to better reflect the clinic’s brand and appeal to a broader audience. The clinic also aimed to introduce a subscription service offering advantages such as same-day appointments and other benefits, which required advanced e-commerce solutions.

The primary objectives for Pons Helse’s digital advancement were to boost online appointments, enhance the overall user experience, make ads more profitable, and create a website that better matched the customer’s brand. Another key objective was to implement a subscription service with benefits for members, necessitating functionalities for recurring payments, an efficient checkout process, and a user-friendly portal for managing subscriptions and appointments.

Strategies and Implementation

To achieve these objectives, several strategies were implemented. The first step involved a complete website revamp, focusing on creating a more intuitive and informative online presence. This new website would feature improved navigation, detailed service descriptions, and a more personalized look with pictures instead of icons.

Digital marketing played a crucial role, with new ads launched and existing ones optimized to lower Cost Per Customer Acquisition (CPA) by 60%. Both Google and Facebook ads were utilized to reach a wider audience and attract more potential patients. Additionally, the attribution model of the ads was fixed to provide better, more accurate reporting.

Introducing the subscription service required implementing advanced e-commerce solutions. This included setting up functionalities for recurring payments, designing an efficient checkout process, and creating a portal where users could log in to manage their subscriptions and view their appointments. A monthly newsletter featuring health advice and clinic updates was also introduced to gain more value from existing customers, and the membership benefits were prominently highlighted.


The implementation phase saw the launch of an updated website with improved navigation and detailed service descriptions. The design was made more personalized with the inclusion of pictures, making the website more engaging and reflective of the clinic’s ethos.

New advertisements were implemented across various platforms, significantly decreasing the CPL and CPA. The introduction of a monthly newsletter began to provide patients with valuable health advice and updates, thereby fostering a stronger connection between the clinic and its patients. The new subscription service was successfully integrated, featuring recurring payment options, a streamlined checkout process, and a user-friendly portal for managing subscriptions and appointments.

The Results

The digital transformation of Pons Helse yielded impressive results. Online bookings increased by about 50%, and referrals saw a noticeable rise, indicating the effectiveness of the new website and marketing strategies. The Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was reduced by about 60%. The clinic also experienced an increase in online membership sign-ups, demonstrating the success of the highlighted membership benefits.

The owner of Pons Helse, Atle Eikeland, expressed satisfaction with the changes, stating, “The new website looks really good, nice and modern. Just what I asked for. I can see more appointments coming in too. Keep up the good work.”


The digital advancement of Pons Helse has resulted in a significant increase in online bookings and overall patient engagement. This case study underscores the importance of a strong online presence and user-friendly interface in the healthcare industry. The successful implementation of the subscription service, with its recurring payment options and efficient management portal, has further enhanced the clinic’s offerings. With continued efforts, Pons Helse is poised for even greater success in the future, making it a prime example of how effective digital strategies can transform a health clinic.

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